Winnerwell® is the world's first camping stove brand that originally
          applies the theory of External Air intake from outside the tent and hold
          patents in multiple countries. The External Air draw allows the stove
          to perform independently from the air inside the tent. This unique
          feature eliminates cold drafts inside the tent and prevents the stove
          from consuming the hot air it has just created, making it much easier
          for the stove to heat a tent.



Exteranl Air Stoves
A typical stove can consume between 10 to 20 cubic meters of
combustion air every hour and an average 4-person tent has a
volume of air around 30 to 40 cubic meters, so it's obvious that a
stove operating in a tent could quickly consume up the Oxygen
in the tent within 2.5 hours and thus present serious problems for
the occupants.
An inbuilt external air supply to Winnerwell External Air series
stoves—with US and EU Invention Patent—ensures that there's
an unlimited flow of fresh combustion air, which eliminate the
discomfort of tent's occupants because they are not in
competition with the stove for their air.
Camping Stoves








           Precision-crafted in 304 stainless steel, Winnerwell® Wood Burning
           Stove is highly portable, easy to use, and built to last. From canvas
           tents and teepees to recreational shelters such as yurts, tiny homes,
           and vans, this stove is a dependable heating and cooking solution.




Winnerwell stoves are incredibly versatile thanks to the wide range of available accessories. Elbows, double-wall pipes, and flashing kits
allowyou to build a custom stove kit perfect for your shelter. Water
tanks, ovens, and cookware provide cooking utility.









          Ultra-light, highly packable, and easy to assemble in the field thanks to the
            innovative FastFold design, the Winnerwell® FastFold Titanium Stove has no
            rival. Discover the go-to tent stove for backcountry hunters, skiers, and








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